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When you come to us the first time, we will do an analysis of your skills. The analysis will
allow us to see your strengths and weaknesses and determine the training approach to
take to help you further develop your skills. We will discuss our suggested approach with
you and would also like to hear what your goals and expectations are in developing your

Nino does the miraculous when it comes to training the Guards. Whether you are a Point
Guard or Shooting Guard you will get better.

Moving without the ball is an essential for Forwards. Nino has created training
approaches to help players moving off the ball and to score with ease.

Knowing your role as a big man or lady, can determine whether or not
your team wins or loses. Nino has the knowledge to help you get the edge on your

Our training program will :

1. Develop proper ball handling.
2. Enhance your ball handling with BOTH hands.
3. Teach proper passing.
4. Develop proper shooting technique with BOTH hands.
5 Teach proper offensive positioning.
6 Develop quickness on the floor.
7. Involve you in plyometrics training to increase jumping ability.
8. Involve you in resistance training.
9. Teach proper defensive positioning.
10. Specialized and personalized approaches to skill development.